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Prince Rupert Community Open House

Hello Fellow Community Members: You may have noted during the last week or two that members of your community league have been about the entire Prince Rupert community handing out a brochure and providing information about an very important initiative for our community; the Aurora Place Facility Project. As noted in the brochure linked below, the Prince Rupert Community League will be making a critical decision later this year in November about whether to continue to work with potential partners on this project or to cancel it in favor of other options, including not to build a community facility at all.

In this regard, the PRCL felt it important that all residents in the Prince Rupert community be aware of this project and have an opportunity to provide their views. The door to door distribution of information to community residents is the first step towards this decision. An important next step is a Community Open House which will allow all interested residents to gather more information about the project and ask questions. The community league will then consider the feedback received from community members from the door knocking campaign and at the Open House when considering this project at its November meeting.

What: Aurora Place Open House
When: Wednesday, October 12
Where: Central Lions Recreation Centre Atrium (changed from Room 12)
Time: 6:30 to 8 pm

This event will be hosted by Prince Rupert Community League. Potential partners, Terra Centre for Parenting Teens and Alberta Thai Association, as well as the City of Edmonton will be in attendance to provide their organization's perspective on the project.

The Open House will provide more detailed information on the Partners, the project, and the November 2nd Community League vote. The vote, which is open to all Community League members, will play a major role in determining the future of Aurora Place. The October 12th Open House will also be an opportunity to hear feedback from our door-to -door consultation and to get answers to questions that we heard from residents..

Refreshments will be provided!

For details, please read our brochure.. Other material and information related to this project can be found on our Community Projects page.

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